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Michael Vuong
Computer Information Systesms 22259
Chapter 6 Assignment

Creating a Web Page

Features   Kompozer holds a wide array of features that have contributed to its success. The Kompozer program is an open source software, meaning that it is free to use, modify, and distribute, so you don't have to spend any money on it. The primary advantages of using Kompozer is that it is a very simple and easy to access web designing, requiring no previous experience in constructing a web page to use. The Kompozer also offers spell checking, table cells, coloring, a customizable tool bar, the ability to see your document on the web as you are editting it, and tabs to edit multiple pages at once.
Limitations   The limitations to the Kompozer program that I have rear about  is that it is very difficult to create complex nesting tables without having a cluttered display of your page. Personally, I have not run into this problem yet, and I can create minor nested tables without a problem.
Conclusion   In the end, the Kompozer is an extremely useful program for beginners to use in order to pick and create web pages quickly. There is no need to learn any HTML coding to operate this open source program, and it gives a simplistic view to creating web pages. However, there have been those who complain that the program does not efficiently created complex nested tables, although I have yet to encounter this.

TitleAdobe Dreamweaver CS4
Features  The Dreamweaver holds a vast arsenal of features, even more so than than the Kompozer, due to its pricetag. It contains live viewing of your page as you edit it and integrated HTML coding to code your website for you. In addition to the standard features that most web creation tools contain, it also supports more advanced users with Code Hinting for Javascript, and subversion integration so you may create websites manually with HTML.
Limitations  The primary limitations of the Adobe Dreamweaver application is that it costs quite a bit of cash to purchase. In addition to its pricetag of $400+ for this program, it may seem inaccessible to novices of web creating, as it contains a much more advanced interface and features that require prior experience working with other programs.
Conclusion  The Adobe Dreamweaver holds a much larger arsenal of web editting tools than the Kompozer program, making it the ideal  web construction program for veterans in this field. While beginners may still be able to use it to a certain extent, they will not be able to make full use of the program for its price, due to not knowing HTML yet.

TitleMicrosoft FrontPage
Features  The main features of Mircosoft FrontPage are Split View, Dynamic Web Templates, Interactive buttons, and code snippets, all in addition to the standard features of a web creator. Split View allows the user to see what is being coded, as well as what it is designing at the same time. Dynamic Web Templates offered a uniform template that could be used in several seperate web pages and still maintain the overall scheme. 
Limitations  A limitation of Microsoft Frontpage is that the HTML coding could become invalid as changes are made in WYSIWYG mode. The WYSIWYG mode, which stands for "What You See Is What You Get" mode, offers a view that allows you to edit web pages as if you were in viewing mode. The drawback here is that many errors occured, including the creation of invalid codes, as well as ruining already correctly created codes. The pricing is also a problem, as this commericial software costs $400.
Concusion  Microsoft Frontpage may contain a lot of features and is accessible to both novices and veterans of web construction, but it is not a good idea to get as opposed to Kompozer or Adobe Dreamweaver, due to its glitches. Kompozer offers a much simpler layout and is easier to learn from for beginners, and Adobe Dreamweaver offers much more indept editting features than FrontPage, for the same price.